Well hello, and welcome to Monday morning!! …Too much? Okay, I’ll dial it down a bit… Sorry, it’s just been a wonderfully productive, albeit exhausting weekend and I’ve just finished an extra large cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee.

Anyway, on with the update… So, Saturday, I purchased some additional supplies and was able to finish packing the first of the new medium-sized Cocoon Kits™. They’re a really great size and although they won’t be able to hold as much as the larger bags, I think I’ll be ordering more of this size from now on. They’re just that cool.

In other news… Some months ago, I talked about putting together a website for the Cocoons campaign, but like many good ideas, the actual time and work involved to make it a reality meant that invariably, some other more pressing obligations would arise and have to take precedence; thus relegating the website to the ever-increasing, back-burner limbo of Attention Deficit derailed ideas… that is to say, until this past weekend… I was able to make some significant progress; so now things are back on track and if all goes well, I should have the site ready to go by the first week in September. In the meantime, thanks to all of you for helping me to help others… as always, you are very much appreciated.