Hello, and welcome to my new site. Cocoons is a personal campaign project that I began in 2016. Its goal is to promote random acts of human kindness toward persons who are currently experiencing homelessness in Cambridge and the surrounding Boston area. Contributions to this campaign help fund the production of CocoonKits™. These are utility bags, which I distribute to those in need, whom I encounter during my daily commute. They are available in three sizes. Each contains an assortment of basic necessities, a few seasonal survival aids, and a map of local resources. More frequently, however, I hand out PocketPacks™, pocket-sized pouches, that are easier to carry around than the larger ‘Kits. Although, by comparison, these contain only a minimal amount of products, their small size and ease of portability allow for a greater amount of giving.

Several times a year, I will also take day-trips to New York City (where the concept for this campaign was born), and revisit areas I frequented when I myself was homeless. Additionally, in 2019, I will be making these ‘Kits and ‘Packs available for purchase online, so that those who wish to may give them to someone that they themselves wish to help.

If you would be interested in contributing to this campaign, you may do so below.

Thank you for your support, It is greatly appreciated.

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