First off, I’d like to take a moment to thank all of my supporters. Your generous contributions have helped make a difference in someone’s life this winter… This month, I’d like to ask others to do likewise by joining my campaign to help provide some semblance of civil amenities to help our sisters, mothers, and daughters who may be sleeping out on the streets tonight.

As most of you know, next Wednesday is International Women’s Day, however, many of you may not know that the entire month of March is Women’s Herstory Month. Well just little over a month ago, on January 21st, 2017, women all over the world made another herstorical entry into the archives of activists everywhere, with the World Wide Women’s march. (How appropriate then that March should belong to women).

Shortly afterward, I was approached by one of my sisters who inquired as to the progress of my current campaign. She then said, “Y’know, you really should have done something for the march.” Two things occurred to me then, (1) that majority of recipients of my Cocoon Kits are women, and (2), that my sister had a very good point. It was, of course, too late to put together anything for the march, so I resolved to put together something for the March instead. These camo and pink Cocoon Kit sling bags will be made available now through March 31st, 2017. Please hit me up in the comment section to inquire about purchasing. Otherwise, feel free to donate as usual. Thanks much, and Happy Women’s Herstory Month to you all! ^_^

And remember… resist is just an anagram for sister.