Well hello, and welcome to Wednesday morning! Today’s first Cocoon Kit recipient is a young woman that I’d not seen on my route prior to this week, but mental note in place, I headed out, bag in hand on the off-chance that she’d been frequenting the same spot as yesterday… sure enough, she was… Y’know, inside looking out… I don’t realize how odd it must seem to people when some random guy attired head-to-toe in all black (with the exception of the orange braids half-way down my back) comes up to you and instead of a dollar, hands you a bag full of basic essentials. The woman was, understandably apprehensive; her response was simply, “I don’t know you.” I thought about that for a moment and y’know what…? she was right. And so, therein lies one of the problems of homelessness; those in need of help are vulnerable… and trusting people to have your best interests at heart is usually never a good idea… So, what’s an avocational altruist to do? Well, I suppose that all I can do, is all I can do; try to balance some of the world’s and hurt with a little help… one person at a time, one bag at a time.

That being the case, I put in an order for more supplies earlier this morning. Got a good deal on a new medium-sized bag, so look for those to be out next month. Thank you all for your continued support.